In building our model of support, O.P.G., Inc. ensures that state and federal laws and policies are upheld. In 2011, O.P.G., Inc. became accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership (C.Q.L.). Accreditation through C.Q.L. means that O.P.G., Inc. is providing Systems and Practices to assure each individual is receiving quality services. In 2015, we were awarded that accreditation again.

O.P.G., Inc. strives to create a workplace that is supportive of people receiving services, while simultaneously providing positive growth for all of its employees. In using an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (E.S.O.P.), O.P.G., Inc. affords each employee an opportunity to invest in the future of the company. Through our philosophy of support and philosophy of being a quality employer, O.P.G., Inc. has been named a Top Work Place eight times.

Image description: Opportunities for Positive Growth’s logo. At the left of the logo is a light-blue heart sprouting leaves; at the right are the words ‘Opportunities for Positive Growth, Inc.’.

Our Vision

People will always be at the center of why we exist

As a vibrant and sustainable organization,

we strive for an inclusive community, 

abundant with people who are self-reliant.

Our Mission

Inspiring People in the Pursuit of a Rewarding Life.

Our Values




Financial Stability