Self-Directed Services

O.P.G., Inc. believes in self-directed and person-centered supports, with the ultimate goal of guiding services toward independent skills through a self-reliance plan.

Services We Offer

Residential Habilitation and Support

This service is designed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the person supported. We assist in the acquisition, improvement and retention of skills necessary to support people to live successfully in their homes.

Community Habilitation and Participation

These services are provided outside of the home and focus on the continuation of the skills already learned in order to build natural supports in integrated settings.

Participant Assistance and Care (P.A.C.)

This service is provided under the Family Supports Waiver in Indiana. P.A.C. is meant to provide daily living support which enables the person supported to participate in activities of daily living in their own home and to meaningfully participate in community activities.


This service is furnished on a short-term basis because of the absence or need or relief of those persons normally providing the care.

For more information on Self-Directed Services, email the Executive Director, Michell Clendenning below:

Direct Service Workforce Investment Grant: OPG’s Plan 


The Indiana division of Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) announced a grant to support the broad Direct Service Workforce in Indiana. Within the state’s definition of DSW includes several positions across many fields. For the work we do through OPG, Inc., our Direct Support Professional* employees are included within the scope of the DSW grant. We are grateful for the state’s focus and financial support for this integral and deserving workforce. One component of eligibility to receive the grant is that provider organizations must publish their company plans on how they plan to use the funds if they do get approved to receive this grant. The state shared a Frequently asked question document if you have further questions about the grant: FAQ

A few facts about the grant that we think are important to share: 

  1. OPG, Inc. has applied to receive this DSW Investment grant.  
  1. OPG, Inc. is still awaiting confirmation of our approval to receive this grant.  
  1. OPG, Inc. is still awaiting to learn the amount of the grant OPG, Inc. may receive is.  
  1. The grant will be distributed from the state in three equal installments to qualifying providers. The anticipated timeline has been communicated as January, Spring and Summer of 2023. 

We also think it’s important for everyone to know that OPG, Inc. recognizes that the most helpful long-term investment would be improved reimbursement rates that would allow OPG, Inc. to make another improvement to base hourly wages for our Direct Support Professionals. With the temporary nature of the grant funding, we are pleased to share how we will focus use of the grant funds below: 

OPG, Inc.’s ability to follow through on these strategies and plans depends on whether we are approved and ultimately the amount of money OPG, Inc. receives from the grant.  

*Direct Support Professionals at OPG, Inc. includes all staff within the Self-Directed Services Department that provide direct support regardless of each person’s specific title.  

Meet the Team!

Michelle Clendenning

Executive Director of Self-Directed Services

Michelle Clendenning joined OPG in 2005 as Direct Support Professional.  As a Direct Support Professional Michelle quickly realized her passion for helping others.Michelle graduated from Indiana University Kokomo in 2009 and was then promoted to Team Manager of SDS. Michelle served as Director of SDS and was promoted to Executive Director of SDS in 2018.The most rewarding part of her job is providing positive supports to empower all individuals.

Jessica Graf

Director of Self-Directed Services

I first started working with people with disabilities 11 years ago as a volleyball coach with Special Olympics. Through Special Olympics I found a passion for working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This volunteer position led me to a career change, and eventually I began working in a classroom at a local school assisting children with varying disability diagnoses. Through the school I was introduced to Direct Support Professional work and began working as a DSP in addition to my position at the school. After 3 years of working in the school and as a DSP with a different provider, I found Opportunities for Positive Growth. I began working at OPG in 2016 as a Quality Enhancement Specialist. In 2020, I began my role as the Regional Team Lead for Lafayette and Kokomo. I have learned so much over the last 11 years and am grateful to have found a great team to work with and amazing people that we support

The Arc

People will always be at the center of why we exist. As a vibrant and sustainable organization, we strive for an inclusive community, abundant with people who are self-reliant.

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