OPG, Inc. always encourages any person, legal representative, or employee to discuss concerns and complaints with an OPG, Inc. representative. There are also options to file formal complaints with OPG, Inc. or BDDS, as outlined below.

Filing a Complaint with OPG, Inc.

To lodge a complaint, concern, or grievance with OPG, Inc., a person may use any of the following ways:

The Complaint Process

A person, legal representative, or employee should expect:

Filing a Complaint with BDDS

“Any individual, guardian, family member, and/or community member has the right to file a complaint
on the behalf of an individual receiving waiver services through BDDS. You can file a complaint it you feel
that the provider has not followed state and/or federal rules or program requirements. BDDS will then
investigate the complaint and determine the best course of action to assess the situation. Complaints
can be filed using the online complaint form or by calling 800-545-7763.”