Music Therapy is an evidence-based profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address day-to-day needs. This therapy can focus on skill development in many areas including communication, cognition, motor, emotional and social skills. The Music Therapist will structure the therapy sessions to foster this skill development while using preferred instruments and music.

We Offer Music Therapy in Indianapolis, Lafayette, Kokomo, Marion, Greencastle, and the surrounding areas. Additionally, we offer individual and group therapy sessions. 



We are devoted to teaching new professionals through our extensive internship and practicum placements. We are accredited through the American Music Therapy Association. If you are interested in pursuing an internship with OPG, please review the requirements/openings.  

Meet Lindsey, Executive Director of
Therapies and Advancement

Lindsey came to Opportunities for Positive Growth fresh out of college and has been here for over 10 years.  She obtained a BA in Music Therapy along with a minor in psychology from Indiana University-Fort Wayne. She also completed her Neurologic Music Therapist training at Colorado State University. Lindsey has helped to support the growth of music therapy at OPG from a small therapy department, to one with over 21 full-time therapists. She enjoys serving the music therapy field through her four-year stent as President of the State Music Therapy Association and is now involved in efforts to increase access to music therapy through government relations work.

Meet Andy, Director of Music Therapy

Andy received his bachelor’s degree in music technology from New York University in 2003. He completed his master’s degree in music therapy at University of Miami in 2013. where he published a thesis, The Role of Personality and Mood in Music-Use During a High-Cognitive Demand Task. Andy is currently serving as editor of the Great Lakes Region of the American Music Therapy Association. In the past, Andy has also served as Vice President of the Association for Indiana Music Therapy. He also launched and coordinates the group music therapy program at OPG.

Outside of work, Andy enjoys playing music with his wife, cycling, and exploring new restaurants.

"At OPG Inc., our board-certified music therapists are focused on fostering a person's growth through music! We work on skills needed for everyday life, through musical interventions. For instance, we might play the piano to work on the independent finger movement needed to type homework on a computer keyboard. We would love the opportunity to help you or a loved one reach your goals through music!"
Lindsey Wright
Executive Director of Therapies and Advancement


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