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We are devoted to teaching new professionals through our extensive internship and practicum placements. We are accredited through the American Music Therapy Association (link is highlighted to access the A.M.T.A.’s website). If you are interested in pursuing an internship with O.P.G., please review the requirements (link is highlighted to access requirements).

The internship will be primarily made up of one-on-one sessions with a possibility of up to four group sessions per week. An O.P.G. music therapist will be in the room during every Medicaid waiver session led by the intern. In addition to sessions, the intern will be responsible for session plans, quarterly/annual paperwork, a research paper on a topic of their interest and a legacy project of their choosing.

Quick Look!

Facilitate Individual and Group Sessions

• Work With People With I.D./D.D. Diagnoses of All Ages

• Collaborate With a Treatment Team and Our 23 M.T.-B.C.s On Staff

• Majority Facility-Based

• Data Collection Experience

• *Non-Paid Internship

• **Six Months, 40 Hours Per Week

*Mileage reimbursement will be provided for any required driving outside traveling to the office

**We are flexible and will work with you to create an internship schedule that fits your life!

Image description: Music Therapy Intern, Elyssa, works with two men she supports through music therapy. They each play various sized drums (djembe and bendir). The man on the left sits in a blue wheelchair and holds a drumstick while watching Elyssa’s commands; the man on the left is standing and playing his djembe; and Elyssa stands in the middle smiling and playing her bendir.

Flier & Fact Sheet

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Contact for more information:


Abby Alterio

Quality Assurance Specialist 

Department of Therapies & Advancement



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