The Holidays Traditionally for the OPG Family

As the evenings draw in far too soon, and the temperature drops far too quickly, seasonal customs begin for every facet of the holiday season. While a single tear sheds for the long-abandoned shorts hanging sadly in the closet, the frosted windows and flurries of snow can mean only one thing… the holidays are coming. […]

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Telling Our Story
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What Thanksgiving Means to Us

Whether it’s Halloween or Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah, fall through winter houses a number of celebrated holidays that frequently fight for the limelight when deciding upon a personal favorite. Spooky vs. Santa, turkey vs. ham – no matter your preference, the Holidays mean so much to so many. While the inception of each holiday began […]

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Dan Kahl: An ESOP Interview

For 15 years, Dan Kahl has been serving Opportunities for Positive Growth, Inc. as its Chief Operating Officer. Alongside his wife and CEO, Gail Kahl, the duo has paved the way for how companies treat individuals with intellectual disabilities across the state of Indiana and beyond. In 2010, Dan and Gail handed OPG over to […]

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The Importance of OPG’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Since 2010, OPG has prided itself on its ESOP culture and how for the previous seven years it has been a part of every member of staff who passes through the doors to the company.  ESOP has not only transformed OPG as a business – with stock value consistently rising above each previous year – […]

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DSPIN Award Winner: Brian Shively

I had the pleasure of catching up with Brian Shively, one of our Quality Enhancement Specialists, last week. He was on the heel of what he describes as a career high. On September 13, 2017, Brian was one of five recipients of the DSPIN Outstanding Direct Support Professional Award. He, with the other 4 winners, […]

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The Arc

People will always be at the center of why we exist. As a vibrant and sustainable organization, we strive for an inclusive community, abundant with people who are self-reliant.

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