Day of Greatness Awards: Contributing to the Life of a Person

Taking place on September 15th at Indiana’s historic Conner Prairie, OPG’s annual Day of Greatness welcomed all staff members to gather and celebrate the company and individuals’ achievements alike. As CEO, Gail Kahl, took the stage and the room’s cheering crescendo reached its peak, the awards began.

Creating a roster of the hugely talented pool of Opportunities for Positive Growth Inc. employees, and another of those deserving of an award, is ultimately one and the same. Honoring individuals of OPG who have most significantly contributed to the life of a person is as effortless as it is rewarding, but narrowing down the list of eventual nominees to a select few winners proved a daunting task.

Through a finalized list of nine nominees, three winners were singled out for the passion and hard work they have epitomized throughout their time as part of the OPG family. Below, you’ll find each winner coupled by a quote from their nominator, explaining how their dedication has positively impacted the lives of others.

Danielle Woods, Quality Enhancement Specialist

“She showed extreme patience, kindness and grace in some dire circumstances and now that person is thriving. She led her team to show that person how to live in a non-violent home, how to make her own choices and empowering this woman.”

Justin Dahlem, Music Therapist

“He gives each person the gift of his full attention. He understands how important each interaction is for every person. He connects with people, staff and families to create an atmosphere with the perfect balance of support and fun.”

Susan Nicolls, Direct Support Professional

“She uses her patience to help this person achieve goals, such as helping fix her own meals, do her laundry and assist in cleaning her house. This person now feels empowered enough to change her clothing by herself, and has begun using 3-4-word sentences when previously, she only really used 1-2 works. She is strong and more confident in part because of their hard work together.”

Congratulations once again to every deserved winner and nominee alike!

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