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We are committed to providing meaningful and dignified support services to individuals with intellectual disabilities. We serve Indiana in Indianapolis, Kokomo, Marion, Ft. Wayne, and Lafayette including surrounding counties!

Self-Directed Services
Services designed by each individual, which places each person at the center of planning, directing, and guiding support. Our Services ensure the health, safety, and welfare of each individual while providing Residential Habilitation, Community Habilitation, Respite Care, and Participant Assistance and Care (PAC) services.
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Behavior Support Services
Services designed to provide individuals with intellectual disabilities positive coping mechanisms to promote meaningful participation in day to day life. All Behavior Support Services provided by OPG, Inc. are professionally administered and focused on fostering independence both in the home and in community settings.
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Music Therapy Services
Services which are individualized and unique, focusing on the therapeutic qualities of music. Music Therapists use music in therapeutic contexts to address physical, psychological, cognitive, and social needs of an individual.
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Day Programs
Services which are focused on providing group supports to foster independence and community integration. By focusing on creating groups with like interests, our day program encourages individuals to participate in the community activities that they enjoy with friends who enjoy the same activities.
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On the Go: Our Day Program

On The GoOn the Go is a day program through OPG that allows pods of four individuals to work together toward like-goals. On the Go is up and running in Hamilton County, with a potential of expanding into Kokomo, Lafayette, and Marion County. Contact Stacey Clevenger for more information.


Latest News

OPG participates in Indy Sings event at Riley Hospital for Children

Opportunities for Positive Growth participated in the Indy Sings event that took place at Riley Hospital for Children. This event took place to inform the community of the benefits of utilizing Music Therapy with those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our Director of Music Therapy, Lindsey Wright MT-BC, speaks on the benefits of Music Therapy and increasing access to these services through the state.

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CEO Message from Gail

Gail Kahl, CEO
Gail Kahl

Throughout my education and early adulthood, policies and awareness changed for people with disabilities in America. During these formative years, I saw legislation, educational policies, and attitudes expand to include new opportunities. read more.

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